Our mission

Make machines smarter for making people's lives better.

InFoCusp's mission is to make machines, devices, and computers act smarter and attain new heights of intelligence and sophisticated processing, all to make people’s day-to-day personal and professional lives better, healthier, more convenient, and safer. InFoCusp engineers work closely with R&D teams of commercial companies, collaborating in all development phases of smart products, from whiteboard to prototype to product launch.

What we offer

Under the umbrella of AI, we specialize in

Our Clients

Infocusp's computer science and machine learning talent are helping the teams at X create moonshot technologies and business.

Agnetix is LED-based horticulture lighting technology. Infocusp is working on software engineering and IoT aspects of the product.

Legalsifter has several AI-based automated contract review products. The products are sold to people and partners in 19 countries today.

Bryte Labs are makers of AI-based restorative beds, personalizing and optimizing the bed user’s sleep experience.

Apollo Neuro is a wearable technology that relieves stress and helps users relax and improve focus.

Pyrames Health is building non-invasive blood pressure wearables and corresponding platforms that can track blood pressure continuously.

Innovyze is the world-leader in the water management industry. The range of products provide operational analytics, ultimately saving water, chemical, and energy consumption using AI.

Flourish labs is building technology solutions for the users to improve mental health and fulfill their true potential.

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